Новая электрическая тележка QINGDAO PROMISING TE15

новая электрическая тележка QINGDAO PROMISING TE15
Фото: новая электрическая тележка QINGDAO PROMISING TE15
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3 250 €
≈ 3 645 $
≈ 1 316 599 KZT
Модель TE15
Тип электрическая тележка
Год выпуска 01/2015
Первая регистрация 01/2015
Наработка 5 м/ч
Грузоподъемность 1500 кг
Собственный вес 560 кг
Место расположения Китай Qingdao
Дата размещения 1 Май 2017
Autoline ID PM6526
Высота подъема 0.12 м
Длина вил 1.15 м
Ширина вил 175 мм
Скорость передвижения 4 км/ч
Полная масса 2060 кг
Габаритные размеры 1.73 м × 0.73 м × 1.33 м
Мощность 1.47 кВт
Емкость батареи 140 Ah
Передняя ось
Размер резины Ø80*70 mm
Остаток резины 100 % / 70 мм
Задняя ось
Размер резины Ø215*75 mm
Остаток резины 100 % / 75 мм
Состояние новый
Техосмотр 01.2018
Регистрационный номер 842710200
Цвет красный
В наличии 19
Дополнительная информация: английский
Electric Walkie Pallet Truck
1500kg Capacity Electric Pallet truck with AC driving system but without pedal
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Rated Load: 1.5T
Max. Lifting Height: 120mm
Overall Length: 1727mm
Overall Width: 730mm
Fork Size: 1150 x 175mm

This 1.5T capacity electric pedestrian pallet truck or battery powered pallet handler is ideal for working in the confined areas of lorries for example as well as for efficient pallet transfers and marshalling duties. The smart electric walkie pallet truck with AC driving system offers quick response, accurate control and excellent performance and is specifically suited for loading and unloading trailers as well as transporting loads over short distances. This electric walk behind pallet handler can be used in a variety of applications across a number of market segments including food distribution, grocery stores, hardware and other retail operations as well as transportation/ warehousing/ logistics.

1. Safety control for cornering, the electric pallet truck will automatically slow down when cornering to avoid the ejection of operator and goods from the vehicle due to high speed;
2. Anti-roll back function to prevent the electric pallet truck from uncontrolled travel speed or rolling back on ramps when loading and unloading;
3. Low steel chassis surround to protect the operator’s feet;
4. High-strength frame design to suit the tough workplaces and ensures longer service life;
5. Vertical motor to ensure convenient inspection and maintenance of motor and brake providing much better maintainability than horizontal motor;
6. Ergonomic multi-functional operating handle to make the operation simple and safe;
7. Advanced regenerative braking to guarantee low-energy consumption and increased efficiency.

Technical Specifications:
Model: TE15
Power Type: Electric
Operation Type: Walkie
Rated Load Capacity: 1500 kg
Load Center: 600 mm
Wheel (Tyre) Type: Polyurethane Solid Tyre
Rear (Driving) Wheel: Ø215*75 mm
Front (Load) Wheel: Ø80*70 mm
Auxiliary (Balance) Wheel: Ø100*40 mm
Number of Wheels, Front/Rear (X=Driving): 4 / 1X+2
Max. Height of Handle from Ground: 1330 mm
Max. Lifting Height of Fork: 120 mm
Min. Ground Clearance of Fork: 85 mm
Overall Length: 1727 mm
Wheelbase: 1378 mm
Fork Dimensions (L*W*T): 1150*175*75 mm
Fork Spread (Fixed): 550 mm
Overall Width: 730 mm
Front/Rear Wheel Tread: 375/500 mm
Min. Turning Radius: 1556 mm
Aisle Width with 800*1200 Pallet along Forks: 2210mm
Aisle Width with 1000*1200 Pallet across Forks: 2300mm
Max. Travel Speed (Full-load/No-load): 3.0/4.0km/h)
Max. Gradeability (Full-load/No-load): 6/10%
Service Weight (with Battery): 560 kg
Battery: 24V/140Ah
Charger: 24/20 V/A
Drive Motor: 1.5kW (AC)
Lift Motor: 2.2kW (DC)
Battery Weight: 130 kg
Type of Steering: Mechanical
Brake: Electromagnetic

1. Technical specifications are for standard models only.
2. Other optional accessories, functions and requirements are available upon request.
3. All specifications and design characteristics are subject to change without prior notice.
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